Introducing the ARE TAHITI V1 Marara

12/22/2021 01:21 AM By sales

Introducing the true Tahitian V1—the canoe that has helped Tahiti become the dominant force in outrigger racing and the most influential country in the world in this time-honored sport.

The Tahitian V1 is known for its sleek, fast, and highly efficient design. Like other outriggers, this canoe has a hull, or shell, with an outrigger assembly attached to the side for balance. Outrigger canoes are designed with a narrow width, to create less drag, more speed, and outstanding overall performance. Whether you have the passion to compete in races or just the desire or curiosity to get out on the waterways to explore, the Tahitian V1 can take you there.

Time-Tested Designs from Tahiti

Our V1 canoes are designed in Tahiti by Tahitian builders. These designs have been perfected over centuries to give you the full benefit of handcrafted evolution. With its narrow, sleek design, our V1 can accelerate to top speeds in just a few strokes. With cruising speeds of 5 MPH easily maintained, think of the distance you can cover in a short period of time on the water, not to mention the enjoyment. Veteran racers achieve closer to 8 MPH average speeds and even more with the help of natural conditions such as wind, swells, and currents. 

The stealth glide and minimal resistance of the hydrodesign create an exciting connection between you and the water. The open cockpit style seat area is very comfortable and leaves plenty of room for adjustments. 

“Look Ma, No Rudder!”

The most unique characteristic of the V1 is that it is rudderless—it has no steering assembly. Having fewer moving parts allows for a greater awareness of your glide and the natural water conditions you are connecting with. 

The V1 disperses the pressure or power points evenly throughout your body, making your entire body a source of power and speed. Your paddling will feel complete, and every part of your body will benefit from the adrenaline of this experience on the water. The result: an extremely gratifying paddling experience on the water.

At ARE Outrigger World, we want you to enjoy one of the most unique experiences in the world. If you get familiar with the V1, you’ll be able to paddle any vessel. And if you learn how to do it correctly, you’ll do it better, longer, and avoid injuries along the way. Join us on the water at ARE Outrigger World for an exhilarating paddle in a Tahitian V1!

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